We Buy Timber

Woodlands Enterprises Inc. is a Forestry, Logging, and Timber company. We purchase standing pulpwood and timber throughout the southeast; focusing in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

What sets Woodland Enterprises apart from other timber companies in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama? The relationships we have developed. As wood dealers, our relationships in the marketplace position us to offer the landowner competitive Georgia timber prices. Based on the Silvilcultural prescription, we select the best logging companies in Georgia to perform the recommended harvest operation. During your tree harvest, we initiate and comply with Regulatory Best Management Practices.

In the Business of Forestry and Timber…it’s about trust. We welcome the opportunity to build a
relationship, earn your trust… and help you monetize your fiber with the best timber prices Georgia – and the rest of the southeast – has to offer.

In today’s marketplace, timber companies in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama must implement Sustainable Forestry initiatives and be held accountable for our environment’s future vitality. There’s no question that we continue to rely on the resources provided to us through forestry, logging, and timber. But Georgia timber companies that make their business harvesting such resources must be equally committed to doing so responsibly. Woodlands Enterprises is certainly committed to its role of supplying wood fiber throughout the southeast; but all of our practices are rooted in our equally steadfast commitment to the environment.

Our services include:

In the harvest process we put the best logging companies in place to supply our industry with the “best in class” fiber and essentially work hand in hand with landowners to ensure that they get competitive pricing for their commodity. 

In addition to our knowledge of the timber sales industry, Woodland Enterprises has a rich understanding of the finished product. We understand the importance of Thinning and Clear Cutting for helping landowners manage and protect their investment; and we provide the resources to get the job done effectively.

The relationships we have built – and continue to build – with our customers is what really sets Woodland Enterprises apart from other logging companies in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. We are a people company; all the computerized systems in the world won’t help us to maintain our reputation because our reputation is built on the personal relationships that we honor through our business practices. Our philosophy is to give our customers all of the information and to approach each business deal with honestly, integrity, and the utmost of professionalism. We have been in this business for some time; we know that our customers rely upon our expertise and our understanding of the marketplace and we take the trust that they place in us very seriously.

Woodland Enterprises looks forward to working with you. If you have any questions about our services or want more information about how we can help you with your harvest – or help you get the most for your timber – please contact us today. We are confident that we can deliver you the resources that will help grow your business.


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